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UPDATE AS OF 4/11 ** Recent Changes the $10K is not a guarantee. SBA has come out with their (own) guidelines pretty much over writing the Bill signed by the President and now the grant is only $1K per employee/contractor. Plus some people started to see deposits for the small grant and even some upfront for $25K non collateral loans.Supposedly this was First Come First Serve (NO) longer true!.

Note: There is NO application fees for either one of these loans. EIDL/SBA you do online and the PPP must be done with a qualified mortgage lender such as a bank.

Warning! Once your app is being reviewed SBA or the Bank will REQUIRE your financial statements so if you don’t have your accounting especially 2019 reconciled you won’t be able to provide Accurate statements. Simple! No books in order impossible to run accurate reports so make sure you can start NOW and contact your accountants, CPA or bookkeepers to get starter to be a head of the game. If not your App will be put on hold until you provide the financial. I am here along with my team to help you!. Complimentary 15 minute phone chat…first come first serve….Yes, accountants are in a very high demand right now.

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I have decided to continue releasing a few important updates with my youtube channel and podcast regarding the Fed and State deadlines extensions, small business loans, individual relief funds. I believe it can provide more clarity to what is available without all the media noise you hear every day and just simple steps in how to take action.

All the content, I am providing is completely FREE so all you need is to invest your time and understand where, how the Stimulus Packages and other benefits work. Stay tuned as I keep updating my blog….there is a lot of information still being updated from the government on a daily basis.

Economic Injury Disaster Loans (EIDL) Highlights: This program can fund up to $2 million to small businesses  About: This program funds small businesses or private including non-profits that suffer from the economic injury due to declared disaster regardless of the physical damage of the applicant.  Eligibility: Small businesses must have suffered by the economic injury and should be located in the disaster declared county or a contiguous county.  There are no upfront fees and early-payment penalties charged by the SBA.   

Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)  Highlights: This program directs $349 billion towards business operating expenses and job retention  About: Provides a direct incentive for small businesses to cover payroll, employee salaries, and certain other expenses like rent, utilities, and mortgage payments.  Eligibility: Businesses including non-profits, sole proprietorships, self-employed, and independent contractors described in the Small Business Act – with 500 or fewer employees are eligible to apply for this loan.  The SBA (U.S Small Business Administration) will forgive the portion of loans if all the employees are kept on the payroll for eight weeks.

Contact ETBS at https://www-etbsfl.bookafy.com/

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