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I have decided to start releasing a few important updates with my youtube channel and podcast regarding the Fed and State deadlines extensions, small business loans, individual relief funds. I believe it can provide more clarity to what is available without all the media noise you hear every day and just simple steps in how to take action.

All the content, I am providing is completely FREE so all you need is to invest your time and understand where, how the Stimulus Packages and other benefits work. Stay tuned as I keep updating my blog….there is a lot of information still being updated from the government on a daily basis.

** Please share this content with others that can benefit. Since we do need to spread accurate information from professional that are qualified and have a financial background to discuss these complex matters.

NEWS #Florida #Tax #Extensions and Bridge Short #Loans – (#Podcast). NEW Episode!. Youtube #video also available – see below.

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New Tax Law pdf Valued $49 - Free

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