QuickBooks is the most intuitive and amazing accounting software that has left all competition behind. There is no doubt that every small business owner uses QuickBooks for their accounting needs. It not only helps them in cutting costs, but it also quite helpful in ensuring that small businesses never go wrong with their finances. However, there is a small learning curve when it comes to QuickBooks. This is simply because it is a very powerful software that would likely be managing all your payments in one go. Hence, a little QuickBooks training goes a long way for a business owner.

A little understanding of accounting may help

Though it is not necessary for you to understand accounting, a little knowledge about it would go a long way while learning bookkeeping. Even if you are aware of the accounting basics, it would be easier to learn. Understanding basic debit and credit would be helpful. However, this is not rocket science. So you can learn it whenever you want and that too within minutes.

QuickBooks has so many features that most first time users start feeling overwhelmed because of it. However, with the help of our Ft. Lauderdale Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, you will be able to learn everything with ease. Moreover, you will also get to identify the features that are most essential to you and then use them. Not only this, your advisor will also help you in maintaining the best accounting practices.

Learning QuickBooks- The Basics

The first thing that you have to do is install the QuickBooks software. Once done, you will have to complete EasyStep. This is a small interview process in which QuickBooks will ask about your business. This helps in modifying the software as per the needs of your business. This includes some simple information like the name of your company and other basic information related to it, like the industry you function in.It is important to write accurate information here as it would be helpful when you are bookkeeping later. Moreover, it helps in creating invoices as well.

QuickBooks creates a chart of accounts for you. These charts are based on the industry your business is functioning. Therefore, the more accurate information you provide, the better these charts would be. Some businesses might have a very unique niche. Therefore, modifying the information a little would result in better results. You should make sure that you use very strong passwords for your accounts as your entire financial information is stored in QuickBooks and not having a strong password means that you will likely end up with some trouble or loss of identity and important information online. If you have added your bank account to the system, then creating and constantly changing the password is considered to be essential.

Your company profile is now ready. The header menu in QuickBooks is a little cumbersome. However, when you learn QuickBooks with a certified trainer, it would be easier to learn. You will learn everything about the features of the software and how to use them effectively. There are simply too many options for you to explore. A trainer will help you finding the ones that are most relevant to you. Hence, you get started relatively easily and then keep on learning about other features as time passes by.

The best thing about QuickBooks is the chart of accounts. You can create detailed accounting heads for all your expenses and incomes. Hence, it becomes easier to track your cash flow. This is not all, you also get to make intuitive invoices. So it would be better to opt for a Ft. Lauderdale Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and learn QuickBooks. It would help you a lot in maintaining your business’ financial health.

Not just QuickBooks training, but more

You will not just be trained in the features and usability of QuickBooks, but would also learn how to make bookkeeping and accounting work for you. A small business owner already has a lot in hand to accomplish. As a result of this, the last thing that he thinks about is bookkeeping. In reality, it should be this task that he should be dedicating more of his time. The software will help you do exactly this. You will be keeping a direct check on your finances, understand all the ins and outs and understand your business much better.

So what are you waiting for? Join QuickBooks community today. You should never let this opportunity roll away. Once you get the trial version of the software, get in touch with a Ft. Lauderdale Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor and get going. You will learn everything that you want without having to spend hours in understanding QuickBooks yourself. So be a smart small business owner and learn QuickBooks.



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