From start ups to established corporations, every business needs high quality accounting and tax services to present its fair financial picture. Express Tax and Bookkeeping services provides virtual bookkeeping, small business accounting, individual tax preparation and tax returns services for small and medium businesses and start ups based in USA. We are a full charge bookkeeper and accountant, providing high quality and transparent accounting and tax services for your business.

Bookkeeping, being one of the most important aspects of a functional business, is now taking on different dimensions and seeing new trends.  Outsourcing your accounting and tax needs makes sense if you are a start up or a small business trying to make a mark in the industry. Outsourcing bookkeeper can immensely help you as a small business since it reduces your costs and lets you focus on developing your business and expanding your customer base. Leave all your accounting worries for us. We are here to help you with all your accounting, tax returns and virtual bookkeeping needs while you focus on your core competency. Our virtual bookkeeping will help you access your records from anywhere in the world, whenever you wish to look at them, with just a click of your mouse.

Outsourcing bookkeeper and accountant can be highly beneficial for your business when it happens to be a trusted Miami accountant like us. Our small business accounting services expose you to professional accounting services and help you work with experienced accountants and full charge bookkeepers.  Your business’ financial statements and cash flow statements gain an all new meaning with our expert help. Our small business accounting services give you access to QuickBooks seminars and QuickBooks support apart from professional help and guidance at all steps. Monthly QuickBooks seminars and regular QuickBooks help services keep you updated on the latest bookkeeping and tax returns topics. The seminars will help you learn to set up your own venture, teach you about everyday business transactions like deposits, memos, receipts, cheques, bills, inventory purchases, taxes, banking, online banking, and other accounting concepts.

You don’t have to look for reliable accounting and tax services anymore. We are here to put a stop to your search. We exist to provide high quality tax returns and bookkeeping services for your business with immediate and quality response to all your queries and needs. We take pride in our quality work and excellent customer service approach. Our professional services come at affordable rates that will certainly delight you and help your business flourish.


If you like additional information please contact our staff at 954.788.2870 or visit https://etbsfl.com/

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