With Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services in South Florida, you can get a professional and experienced Bookkeeper on the Cloud starting today! We proudly provide Quickbook accounting and bookkeeping specializing in private dentists and chiropractors in Florida.

Quickbook cloud accounting is the future of bookkeeping and streamlines the process in an effective way that will help you save money and time. With most bookkeeping services, in person visits from a bookkeeper to your office is typically the way most companies operate. Although this may seem essential and necessary to have an in-office visit from your bookkeeper, but in actuality, it is not.

With today’s technology, the reality is that your in-office bookkeeper most likely uses the exact same computing technologies as a bookkeeper who utilizes Quickbook cloud bookkeeping. Although it may be a foreign concept to you, chiropractic bookkeeping utilizing secure cloud technology is far more efficient than an in-office bookkeeper coming to your place of work a few times a week – or let alone having them on staff full-time. At ETBS LLC, we provide all of our services remotely through Quickbook accounting and bookkeeping, so that you don’t have to worry about the tiresome process of recordkeeping.

If you’re a dentist in Florida, do you do your own bookkeeping? I wouldn’t try to do it in my own dentistry practice, especially since handling patients is a top priority. That would be a disaster. Putting your dentistry practice to the dental supplies account in QuickBooks is easy enough and anyone can do it, but that would be like me picking up a scaler and cleaning my own teeth. It might get you by for a while, but it’s never that simple. The truth is that your accountant is spending more time on fixing your bookkeeping errors than doing the actual tax return, and it’s dramatically increasing your accounting fees. With ETBS LLC handling your Quickbook accounting and bookkeeping, you can rest your mind at ease that all of your recordkeeping and bookkeeping is being handled professionally at every turn.

As a chiropractor in Florida, do you do your own bookkeeping?  I would not even dare to try to adjust my own back, what if I injure my spine disc or even worse? The same goes for your bookkeeping, it’s best to allow the professionals at Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services in South Florida to do the job right. We provide you with the flexibility needed in today’s fast paced business environment, so you’re not wasting time trying to do your own bookkeeping. Instead, you’re seeing more patients and increasing your bottom line, while we take care of all the time-consuming accounting. Our unique Quickbook cloud accounting and bookkeeping services are successful because we truly understand your business and this is critical in setting up the best cloud accounting system for you. Now is the perfect time to switch over to Quickbook cloud accounting and bookkeeping that is handled remotely by knowledgeable virtual accounting consultants, tax planners and QuickBooks Certified trainers.

Instead of hiring a full-time bookkeeper and paying payroll taxes plus benefits, you may be thinking that a part-time position would be better? Not really, bear in mind at that ($15-$20) hourly rate, it’s very likely that the person you choose will have very little bookkeeping experience. Do you really want to entrust your most precious financial documents and financial standing someone who has such little bookkeeping experience? And best of all, cloud bookkeeping services come at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time bookkeeper – with rates as little as from $400-$1000 per month. And even on the higher end of this financial range, this is far less than even a part-time bookkeeper for your chiropractic or dentistry business.

So what are you waiting for? Contact Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services in South Florida at (954) 778-2870 for a consultation and start saving money today while your accounting practices improve at the same time!

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