ETBS LLC specializes in Quickbook cloud accounting and virtual bookkeeping specifically for the real estate industry throughout Florida. From our decades of experience of working with realtors and investors, we know that record keeping in the Florida real estate industry is a tedious hassle, and knowing which proper industry categories to use for mileage, commissions, appraisers and home inspections can be tiresome and time consuming. Wouldn’t you be rather closing deals and increasing your revenue than be dealing with all of this recordkeeping and paperwork? Here at Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services of South Florida, we specialize in Quickbook cloud accounting and bookkeeping in the real estate industry in Florida so that you don’t have to diverge your time and resources into the tedious and legally necessary process of record keeping.

We are always honest with you and will tell you straight up: you don’t make money in real estate doing accounting, that’s our job. We want you to make money working directly with your customers and clients on an open schedule. By using today’s great technology tools such as Quickbook cloud accounting, we can efficiently free up more of your time so that you can make more money instead of accounting for it. With Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services of South Florida, you will immediately benefit from our real estate accounting and bookkeeping experience. QuickBook virtual accounting and bookkeeping is the future of accounting, and we specialize in helping the real estate industry in Florida minimize distractions so that you can increase your bottom line. We understand the in’s and out’s of your industry and our expertise in providing quality Quickbook cloud accounting and virtual bookkeeping for real estate realtors and investors in Florida speaks for itself.

The flip-side of breaking down expenses is trying to find ways to maximize revenue. This can mean looking at any rental properties in your portfolio to see if you can increase your rents across the board. It can mean looking at realtor commission plans or contractor rates and seeing if they are in line with the work that is being done. This doesn’t mean neglecting to pay for good service, but it does mean you can shop around to get the best deal. Much like the savings on expenses can add up, so does increasing your revenue. By utilizing a comprehensive plan of action tailored to fit your business model, ETBS LLC will comprehensively examine your expenses, leaving no stone unturned. What are you waiting for? Now is the time to contact our Quickbook cloud accounting and bookkeeping specialists so that we can provide you with a no-cost consultation. Let’s work together on increasing your revenue, minimizing paperwork, and streamlining your accounting practices.


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