QuickBooks 2013 Keyboard Shortcuts – TIPS


Use the QuickBooks 2013 keyboard shortcuts shown in the following table to make your day-to-day small business accounting easier and faster. You can save valuable time and energy with these handy key combinations:



PC Shortcut

Ctrl+A Displays the Chart of Accounts   window
Ctrl+C Copies your selection to the   Clipboard
Ctrl+D Deletes check, invoice,   transaction, or item from the list
Ctrl+E Edits transaction selected in the   register
Ctrl+F Displays the Find window
Ctrl+G Goes to the other side of a   transfer transaction
Ctrl+I Displays the Create Invoice window
Ctrl+J Displays the Customer:Job List   window
Ctrl+M Memorizes a transaction –   recurring bills
Ctrl+N Creates a new <fill in the   blank> where <fill in the blank> is whatever is active at the time
Ctrl+P Almost always prints the currently   active register, list, or form
Ctrl+Q Creates and displays a QuickReport   on the selected transaction
Ctrl+R Displays the Register window
Crtl+T Displays the memorized transaction   list
Ctrl+V Pastes the contents of the Clipboard
Ctrl+W Displays the Write Checks window
Ctrl+X Moves your selection to the   Clipboard
Ctrl+Z Undoes your last action — usually
Ctrl+Insert Inserts a line into a list of   items or expenses
Ctrl+Delete Deletes the selected line from a   list of items or expenses


I hope you will implement some of the tips mentioned above. If you need additional help with QuickBooks troubleshooting, support and more tips contact me again. Note, email me first your questions and I will respond how many extra gigs you will need to purchase. Answer are charge based on the complexity and research. Still I am way less that Intuit support tech.

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