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Pricing Specials for Individual Tax Return Packages

All of the following tax specials packages include

Tax Preparation | E-Filing to the IRS
Extra copies of tax returns at no additional charge.
Free 15 minutes phone consultation with an accredited tax professional.

No need to make an appointment, waste time driving or waiting in our office we can prepare and complete your return virtually securely via e-mail or cloud).

Complimentary phone consultation of 15 minutes included after tax completion with one of our accredited tax preparers (ATP).

Individual Tax Returns

1040EZ : $99.00 For Single or Married filing jointly filers under $100K yearly income, taxable
interest below $1,500, no dependents, under age 65 and not blind.
NO itemized deduction (only) Standard Deductions.
1040 with Health Obamacare form (ACA): Call for pricing.

**For rental properties and corporate tax returns see small business tax services page.**

Form 1040 (Without) Sch. A
A Standard deductions (W2) Employees and Earned Income credit (EIC): Call for pricing
Form 1040 With Schedule A
Itemized Deductions: Call for pricing.

Note: Tax preparation fees, planning and consultations are due in advance. Rates are valid during (Jan to March 25)**Includes taxpayers with Schedules B and D.

NOTE: If additional forms or schedules are required there will be additional fees assessed.

Any interest and dividend income should be reported to you by the payer on Forms 1099-INT and 1099-DIV, and this information should be sent to you each January. Each amount listed on each 1099 form must then be recorded on Schedule B of the Form 1040 tax return.

Schedule D: Is used by taxpayers to report their realized capital gains or losses. Investors are required to report their capital gains (and losses) from the sales of assets, which result in different cash values being received for them than what was originally paid, in order to affix some amount of taxation to the income and wealth that is generated through investment activities.

Allowable Itemized Deductions for Schedule A

There are seven basic categories for deductions to taxable income on Schedule A.
Medical and Dental Expenses. Only the amount over 10% of adjusted gross income can be used as a deduction.

Taxes Paid. The taxpayer can deduct the greater amount between state and local income tax or general sales tax. Real estate tax and new motor vehicle taxes (registration fees) can also be deducted.

Interest Paid. Interest and points paid on a home mortgage can be used as well a certain home insurance premiums and interest on investments. Interest paid on personal loans cannot be used.

Gifts to Charity. Payments made to charitable organizations as well as tangible gifts can be deducted.

Casualty and Theft Losses. There’s a host of losses that can be deducted. Use Form 4684 to calculate losses.

Job Expenses and Certain Miscellaneous Deductions. If the taxpayer had out of pocket expenses related to their job, the amount over 2% of adjusted gross income can be used. Other expense like tax preparation fees can be listed in this section.

Legal disclaimer: ETBS, LLC professional services are non-refundable. As we rendered the scope of work agreed.

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