Small Business Tax Preparation & Strategic Tax Planning. Many small businesses are not up-to-date on the inner workings of the tax code and maximizing deductions on your tax returns. Here at ETBS LLC, we provide small business tax preparation & strategic tax planning to ensure that you get the most out of your tax return. We will utilize all available legal avenues to reduce your tax burden so that you can focus on the profitability of your small business. There is no need to wait in line, drive for hours, or even make a visit to our office, our accredited tax preparers will complete your taxes and provide strategic tax planning virtually, remotely, and efficiently.

Small business tax preparation & strategic tax planning are important aspects of the success of a small business. Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services has been providing quality small business tax preparation & strategic tax planning for years to business owners throughout the country. We are dedicated to seeing your business flourish and to helping you achieve financial freedom. Tax time can be stressful but it is unavoidable and you need a financial professional to do the job right. Why not contract with a firm that specializes in small business tax preparation & strategic tax planning and have peace of mind that your taxes are being accounted for the correct way? You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, as our rates are affordable and the results are worth the investment.

Professional Tax Return Preparation

Our strategic tax planning services provide business owners with an opportunity to outline a plan for reducing your tax burden in the future so that you can continue growing your company in a healthy way in compliance with all IRS regulations. After the professional tax return preparation is completed by our accredited tax preparers, each client gets to speak with our financial professionals about the health and state of their business and how it relates to the tax code.

The tax code is complicated and with new laws constantly being passed, it is next to impossible for a business owner today to complete and prepare their tax returns on his/her own. ETBS LLC offers affordable and quality small business tax preparation & strategic tax planning and our financial professionals are only a phone call away. Reach out for a free consultation today at (954) 788-2870 and let’s work together to prepare your taxes along with preparing your business for a future with less of a tax burden.

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New Tax Law pdf Valued $49 - Free

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