Tax Tips !

Individuals and businesses may be able to reduce 2015 taxes by taking steps like these:


*  Determine if you’ll have to pay the alternative minimum tax (AMT) and figure out what you can do to minimize any AMT liability.

*  Contribute the full amount allowed to your IRA, defined contribution plan or SEP.

 * Make sure you take all deductions, exemptions and credits you can.

 * If married, see if you would be better off filing jointly or separately.


*  Determine whether you are eligible for special state and local tax credits. Many smaller companies are unaware of all the tax incentives that various governmental units offer.

* l Evaluate your business structure and activities for ways to reduce taxes at all levels. Often, a simple change in operating procedures  translates into real tax savings.

*  Analyze your business assets to ensure their distribution takes full advantage of changes in tax law and proven tax-reduction strategies.

* Identify steps, such as timing equipment purchases and accelerating depreciation, that would further reduce your tax liability.

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Liz Soria, ATP, CPB,

Express Tax & Bookkeeping Svcs


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