Turning your Tax Nightmare into a Dream

 Business owners get bigger headaches than the rest of us.  This is because their tax pressures are often compounded.  With a continually changing tax code, coupled with the uncertainty of upcoming tax rates in 2013, handling the company’s taxes has become a nightmare for sole proprietors, partnerships, and smaller corporations.

 Virtual Tax Services are changing that nightmare into a dream.  With them, your business’s taxes can be done “virtually” on computer by an outside company.  This is a definite cost and time savings for you.  Plus, with virtual tax services, you are not limited to using tax preparers near your business location; you can select the best service for your company from anywhere in the world. 

 Virtual tax services do more than just calculate your company’s taxes. Their goal is to

provide a more comprehensive range of services, including your own tax consultant who will become familiar with your business and recommend options.  He or she will show you efficient ways to organize your business data and documents.  This consultant will also work with you year round to verify that your data is entered accurately and available for quick transfer to the proper forms at quarterly tax time.

 You can browse online to find the perfect virtual tax service for your business.  Some, like Express Tax and Bookkeeping Services, come highly recommended.  Select one that offers multiple services, such as both business and personal tax preparation, as well as help with depreciation, sales and gift taxes, tax planning, and even rental properties.  This way, as your company’s grows, you can just add on the services you need.

 Virtual tax services also come with a pleasant bonus:  they connect you with “virtual” resources, such as links to online articles and live teaching seminars, so that you can learn tax tips that will benefit your business now and in the future.

Liz Soria, CPB, ATP

Express Tax & Bookkeeping Services




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